Roger Wirkala

Software Engineer and Security Researcher

About Me

I'm a B.S./M.S. and CyberCorps Scholarship for Service student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, working towards a Masters degree in Computer Science with a concentration in cyber security. My course work and experience has spanned everything from offensive penetration testing to linux kernel development and developing a professional grade kiosk application in java employing the agile development method. I recently completed my MQP (an undergraduate research project) on IoT security. My colleagues and I are currently working to publish our results from this research. I also plan on pursuing a Graduate Thesis surrounding next generation firewall technology under the direction of Craig Shue. I am constantly pushing myself and looking forward to the next challenge that my work and studies will bring. Outside of the classroom, I am passionate about music, both playing and listening, as well as everything outdoors, mostly climbing, hiking, fishing, and skiing.


MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Summer Research Intern - Cyber Operations and Analysis Technology

Worked on the CASCADE project, adding a series of network performance metrics to CASCADE’s non-linear optimization engine to provide more comprehensive network segmentation strategies.

Gyroscope Labs LLC

Software Engineering Intern

Worked on iOS software development project. Reversed engineered iOS camera framework to create linear camera sensor with calibration routine, skin tone detection, and color space algorithms.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

December 2019 - May 2021

Masters of Science in Computer Science, concentration in Cyber Security, GPA 3.75/4.0

Related Courses: Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing, Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Management Information Security, Thesis research on next generation firewalls

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Sept 2016 - December 2019

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, GPA 3.83/4.0

Related Courses: Object-Oriented Design Concepts, Systems Programming, Assembly Language, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Networks, Database Systems, Network Security

The Rivers School

Sept 2012 - May 2016

High School Diploma

Graduated with distinction, GPA 3.94/4.0



CASCADE software simulates cyber attacker and defender actions and recommends multiple courses of action to make systems and networks more secure.

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Graceful Degradation in IoT

Completed this undergraduate research project to satisfy WPI's MQP requirement. By combining device fingerprinting, an unsupervised anomaly detection based IDS, and graceful degradation we will provide a holistic approach to consumer grade smart home security.

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Covert Botnet C&C

The goal of this project was to design a covert communications channel to enable botnet command and control traffic to go undetected.

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Design Manifesto

The culmination of CS 3041 and all of the design sprints I participated in, condensed into a manifesto with reflection and take aways from the class.

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